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Fat Boy Fit Man Interview - Eli Sapharti

December 16, 2011 Laura London
Connected Body With Laura London
Fat Boy Fit Man Interview - Eli Sapharti
Show Notes
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It is hard to believe tht this handsome dad of 4 was ever overweight.  Sit back and listen to his amazing weight loss story.  You are going to learn a lot from this Fit & Fabulous Dad, I know I did.

Just a little over 3 years ago I was in the WORST shape of my life. Not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. I believe these all go hand in hand. 

In 2008 I had ballooned to almost 300 lbs standing at 6' and my body fat percentage was well over 40%. My blood pressure was elevated, I felt tired all the time, if I walked a flight of steps I would lose my breath, my joints were hurting, and I was always getting some type of flu or cold. 

One day I had what many would call an epiphany, I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn't believe how unhealthy and just plain fat I had allowed myself to get. At that moment I knew I had to do something to change this downward spiral.

As I thought about past attempts to lose weight I realized that the "quick fixes" and fad diets I had tried, although successful short term, were not going to work if I wanted to make LIFE-LONG changes.

That is when I decided to try a different approach and came up with the principles of ONE STEP AT A TIME = SUCCESS!Small, consitent changes allowed me to acheive the body I have today 180 POUNDS with 10% body fat. My drive and passion today is in helping inspire, motivate and teach others how to acheive fitness success too.