Connected Body Podcast With Laura London

Reclaim Health With Joe Porcellini - "On A Pursuit For A Better You"

November 02, 2022 Laura London Season 2 Episode 6
Connected Body Podcast With Laura London
Reclaim Health With Joe Porcellini - "On A Pursuit For A Better You"
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Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Joe Porcellini from Reclaim Heath.  I went to Reclaim Health to use the Red Light Therapy bed and the Life Plus VibraSonic machine that uses Rife healing frequencies. With the VibraSonic Whole Body Vibration, the cells vibrate in response to the sound wave stimulation, which increases the electrical potential or voltage of the cell. It's truly amazing.

Joe and I talk about all the cutting edge therapies that they are using at Reclaim Health, such as, red -near infrared light therapy, whole body vibration, IV therapy, Microneedeling, pure hydrogen & oxygen, the importance of healthy mitochondria,  holistic teas and more.

Reclaim Health has combined the Power of Nature Light, Sound , Hydrogen & Oxygen to Reboot your Cellular Health to make you look and feel younger from the inside out. 

Reclaim Health Cellular Rejuvenation Boot Camp

·         Cellular Repair

·         Increased Energy

·         Increased Circulation

·         Decreased Inflammation

·         Improved Immune Functions   

Reclaim Health has a  team of highly trained professionals that use the latest healing technologies to restore you to pain-free health quickly and easily.

Enjoy the interview.


Reclaim Health
7400 N Federal Hwy, Suite B1,
Boca Raton, Florida 33487



I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Connected Body Podcast.


Hi everybody and welcome to another episode of the Connected Body Podcast. Today I have an amazing guest, Joe Porcini from Reclaim Health. I went to his Wellness Spa about a week ago and was blown away by what they were doing there, so I knew I had to have him on the show and share what they're doing. So, Joe, welcome to the Connected Body Podcast.

Hi Laura. Thank you so much for having me. Really appreciate you having me on the show today. Oh, yeah, well we have some great information to share. Awesome, awesome. So, Joe, give us a little bit about your background, who you are and how you got started and why you started Reclaim Health. Awesome, awesome. Yeah.

Well, I spent about the past 25 years in digital media working for companies like The Weather Channel, The Washington Post Interactive, really really focused on digital advertising. And a few months before the pandemic, I felt that I needed to change a shift and I wanted to get outta media. So, you know, I had a, I had a dream and I decided to leave media and do something else and not knowing what I was gonna do.

Wow. So I tried things like I, I became a real estate. I think everyone would be a real estate broker. Whenever they lose their job, they get their real estate license, you probably have yours do. So I did that and then, then I, you know, I was always a finance person, so I got my mortgage brokerage license.

I got five skates and I did a lot of work over Covid with that. And then I hated it. So I decided I wasn't gonna do that. But the thing that I really wanted to do was help people, you know, and a good friend of mine at Brown with a company called Trifecta Light, he started selling these red light pad systems about five years ago.

He actually started with infrared light saunas, and then he went to the pads and then the bed. Now that has been introduced into the market. And it was really exciting because we saw a lot of our clients getting these beds, using the beds and having a lot of success. And, you know, you know, a lot of chiropractors got into the business using these beds for weight loss.

Sure. And so, so that was the thinking. And then when I opened up reclaim, you know, we had the red, we got the red bed in, we had the red light bed and the sound frequency, which you did. Yeah. And then we started seeing like all these great results to your skin. I was losing all the,

all these, like my skin was getting, all the Croatia was disappearing on my skin. So I said, Oh, we gotta get a skin lab in here. So we started doing micro-needling and we were getting healing. When people get micro need needle, it only takes three to four days to heal without red lights. What?

24 hours should be better, You know? Wow. Amazing. So tell us what, like that red light, like to me it looks like a tanning bed when I see it. Yeah. That's what, and that's what I, you know, and it's, you know, the, the interesting thing about red light therapy, you know, red light therapy was actually disturbed by nasa because they were looking to grow food in outer space and they would use red light to do that.

And then as, as they experimented more and more, they found that astronauts were losing their skin elasticity in outer space. So the red light, they used special serums and things to tighten the skin with the red light. So they would, they would build a tight skin. So what a great tool to use for women who are getting aging and they want tight skin.

And I like the red light because it's natural. You know, I'm, I'm not a big proponent on injecting poisons into your skin. Right. Especially the long term effects of that. But I do love the idea of using natural, natural ways of helping women and men have looked young and beautiful from the inside out. Right. I love that. I,

and that's one of the things that like drew me to what you're doing there is that it's, it's natural and it's, it's, it's just amazing. I had a chance to go in the red light therapy machine, and when I came out, well first we put on some a serum when I came out, oh my gosh, my skin was so soft.

It was crazy. Well, that serum, actually, a good friend of mine actually created that serum with the nasa, the scientist. And it was made specifically for, to, to be used with red light. And Wow. It's a beautiful serum. We saw that. It's called Factor Rx. Yeah. We that in our spa. We also sell it to other spas in there in nationally.

So I love it. All right. So you have this other amazing machine in there. The Vibra acoustic machine that I went on blew me away. And I, I have actually something to share with you, but first, share what that machine is and what it does. Well, you know, it, it's interesting, the, the, the owner of the company,

Caroline, she, when she created this machine, she used to always do vibration plates. So, you know, everyone knows what the traditional vibration plate is. It's a plate that bounces up and down. It's good for lymphatic drainage, it's great for older people to increase their circulation. So she took that platform with sound and it's sound, it's sound vibration.

Yeah. And she added the rife frequencies. So there was a doctor's name was Royal Raymond Refe, and he developed these healing frequencies. Yes. And when you stand in, in, in the same, in, in front of these frequencies, they're supposed to heal you depending on the frequencies that you get. Right. So she created this vibration plate program with the right frequencies.

And wow. I think when you were there, we had a woman come in with a migraine, migraine headache and 10 minutes later gone. And then I said, Wow, that's cool. And then the next two weeks I had four more people come. I got a headache, go on the machine, go on the machine.

Gone, gone, gone. So that's pretty amazing. And then, you know, then they have the chakra balancing, which you do sound healing. And so this machine, I mean the, the, I I, now what I do, I realize that I'm there all day. And so I now I put the machine on and open the door and I put the heart frequency on all day.

So I'm vibrating all day. I love it. I love it. Yeah. This machine is, it's like, it looks like an exercise machine. And I believe you can do exercise out. Yes, Yes. With it. But what we did is he, he said, I came in and he's like, Okay, what issues do you have going on in your body?

And we put the, we picked those issues out with theri frequency, vibrations, and then you stand on this and all of a sudden the plate is starting to move, but it's moving with sound underneath you. And there's were speakers here on the sides, and this is what I wanted to share with you. So at first you're like, Whoa.

this thing is like moving and there's, you know, vibration going on. And I remember thinking to myself while I was standing there, I felt like my, my hips were loosening. I have very tight hips and I had a, what's called a pars defect in my back, which is healed by the way. But my back is still had been very tight all the time,

not moving like I used to. So I don't think anything of it. And then a week after I went on your machine, I noticed, oh my God, I am moving. Like, I'm like a 20 year old again. It was crazy. And I didn't realize it until, you know, when you, when you have pain, you're so used to having it that you,

you forget about it. And then when it's not there, you're like, whoa, wait a minute. Something's different. And that's what was different. Wow. That's amazing. Yeah. So Did you go on the red light too with that? Did you do the red light first? I went, I went the red light first. We did that and then I went on the,

the fiber acoustic machine. And then at the end we did the chakra balancing. And I remember standing there and all of a sudden it was like, it's almost like an out of body experience. You just feel light and it's just crazy. It's hard to put into words what it is, but it was amazing. And it's funny, every time we,

when people come down, you know, they do a promo session and they'll do the red light, and then when they go on the frequency, I always make sure they do that at the end because they get so common. They're like, I'll buy more, I'll buy more. Sign me up. It was what, it's, It's, but it really is,

I mean, you, you get addicted to this, you know, there's not a morning, morning I come in and I try to get on that bed the first thing in the morning and it's the best to do it early in the morning. And it, it gets everything flowing. And then the vibration machine, like I said, I sit out side that thing all day.

Yeah, that'd be so, but what's really amazing, what we're also introducing in two weeks is a hydrogen therapy. So what, in the past, you know, you remember the old oxygen bars that they used to, you know, people would go and do the oxygen. Well you can get too much oxygen, you know. But now what they're doing is they're using H two hydrogen,

pure hydrogen or mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, which they call brown gas. It's a 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen. And what they, they use this and like, one of, one of the things that I read about is if you had a heart attack, a cardio arrest, you take the hydrogen, they'll expand your arteries and get your blood flowing.

Wow. So I'm like, wow, that's cool. Cause you know, Wow. I'm always concerned about that. And my, my family, we have a lot of cardio issues. So I just ordered two of those machines that come in a week from now. And then we're gonna be doing that when we're doing the red light therapy, giving people hydrogen and on the frequency machine.

And then in our new program that we're launching in January, it's gonna be part of our new protocol. So Very cool. Very cool. Ooh, I'm definitely coming in for that, for sure. Definitely. So tell us what other therapies you have there. So, so now what we do, so we have the red light, and by the way,

it's red light and near and for red light. So there's two, two light frequencies on there. And the red light's good for the skin tightening, fat loss and collagen. And then the neared light is great for a cellular recovery, inflammation and pain relief. So those two frequencies work together. Theta, Right? The mooch, that's right, that's right.

And we'll talk about that in a little bit. Then we have the sound frequency machine, and then we have IV therapy. Right now we work with a prime IV and they come in and they'll do our IVs and our NAD treatments. And then my doctor, my medical directors gonna start seeing patients in middle November, anywhere from weight loss to hormonal health and adrenal health and you know,

any, anything when it comes to functional medicine. So, and then we'll be doing ozone in dis hopefully December, maybe January. So the new things, hydrogen ozone, doctor services and IV therapy. Oh. And we also do microneedling and HydraFacial, the facial stuff. So we have a full, full house of things that we, that we're launching.

And it's, people are very happy with the services and the people are being healed every day. So it's Exciting. Yeah. It's a, it's really a beautiful place. And by the way, everyone, I'm going to put where you can connect with Joe and Reclaim Health, but this, this is in Boca Raton, Florida. So I just wanna put that out there and I'll share all those links at the,

at the end and under this video and in the description box. But Joe, you have something, I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, coming up like a Wellness Bootcamp, Bootcamp we call it. So, so, so, you know, I've been doing a lot of studying around our, our modalities and there's been a, a new company that came out called 10 x and it's Grant Cardone,

you know, who's a very famous real estate tycoon. And he took interest in the MI spa business. So he has something called the Superhuman Protocol, which he encompasses red light with oxygen and with magnetics, which, which is a good protocol. I give a commend for it, you know, So what I wanted to do is I wanted to take that and put it on steroids.

Right. Literally. But, but what we wanted to do was build a proto, you know, update that protocol. So what we're doing is we're using the red light therapy, we're using sound frequency healing, which I think is very powerful. Yeah. We're introducing hydrogen into that. And then we're also gonna be doing N A D drips. And if anyone,

if your audience is familiar with the N A D, it's almost, it's, it's used a lot with drug addicts, you know, to overcome some of their addictions. But the real thing that it does is it repairs cellular damage. So basically as we get older, our MARID stuff's producing ATP and it gets, it gets damaged. The N A D works to repair all that and make your cells again.

So by using the red light and the sound frequency and the hydrogen and the N A D, we're going to prepare your cells from the inside ad and make you feel so much younger. And then Dr. Again. Yeah. Yeah. And then, and then Dr. Greg will be matching those, you know, that program. And then anyone else who wants to come and,

you know, we do, you know, depending upon, you know, we, we only do things that are good for your wellbeing. So if a 30 year old kid comes to my clinic and they want to boost up on testosterone, they ain't gonna happen. You know, it's just not going to happen in our place. You know, what we want do is we want make sure we're looking at people's health long term holistically and everything comes,

starts with diet. You know, because if we're not eating clean and we're not eating healthy foods and whole foods, then, you know, everything else is a waste. So no one's gonna come to the place and get on the red bed and go home and eat donuts and lose weight. Right. I don't that. Right. I always say every cell in your body,

you're made up of what you eat. Right. What you eat, what you breathe. Yeah. Yeah. And what you put on your skin too. So, okay. So is there anything else you wanna share with Us? No. So, but, but just to say that, so the, the bootcamp launches January 1st, we're gonna gonna have only 10 people.

So we have 10 spots. Okay. So anyone who's interested right now, we have three of the spots filled. We just launched it yesterday. So Yeah, it's very exciting. And, and that, and then, and then really, you know, for the holiday season, we're giving, we're, we're letting anyone who watches the show could come in for free.

For free and bring a friend, awesome. So we're giving, we're given the gift of life, which is light in pulse frequency experience, we call it. We're given the gift of life for the holiday. Oh, you guys, you need to, to, to get on in to reclaim health For sure. And try it out, because I know you're gonna,

you're gonna be blown away. You're going to a love, love, love it. I have something here also that we didn't touch on, but I'm just gonna bring them right here. This Beautiful, I have the immunity blend and the balance blend, and these are teas that Joe sells at Reclaim Health and they're really great. They're amazing teas. Yeah,

yeah, yeah, Yeah. I mean, I mean, I, the the balance, which is the one I gave you the other day, that tea, when you drink that tea, everyone thinks it's got sugar in it and it's, it just tastes so fresh and light. And it's a beautiful herbal tea. And I, I drink it every day.

And we have a, but we have a good, some detox tea and we also do a sleepy time tea with c b D. That's, you like the, Which is your favorite? I, I, well, I just got the immunity. I just actually am drinking that right now. And you know what I've been doing? I'm, I don't like hot drinks.

I like iced tea, iced coffee. Me too. And I just put the teabag in my water and I let it sit there and it's just like a, like it went through the, you know, the heating process. It's tastes delicious. That's what I do. I just, I, I do, you know, I put in the, in the refrigerator and that's all I drink.

It's iced tea. So to me those teas are amazing. I really, Oh good. I thought I was the only one who tea more than hot tea. I'll drink like ice drinks in the middle of the winter too, when it's cold out. It's funny. Okay, so we touched on the red light therapy, we touched on the rife machine,

the tea, what you, what else you have going on there? Is there anything else you wanna share? Well, Big thing. Yeah, big thing. So one of the things that, that I really believe in is like community and, and gatherings and getting people together. It's in, it's a big part of my, my strategy. So what I'd like to do is,

what we're gonna start doing is having parties at the spot. So, you know, if you have a group of people like, you know, eight to 10 people, I think we could accommodate and we can do, and we can keep it lighter, we can go heavy, we can do the light, we can do the sound, we can do massage it.

We have a fewmassage therapitst, we could bring, bring in, we can do HFAs, we have a hair, we can do hair for a wedding, we can do nails. We have to bring that in. But you know, we're basically going to, you know, typically we could do, we would do IVs, red light, sound,

massage and facial. And that's nice little And you, you hang out for a couple hours, three hours and you Yeah. Do that. Hang Out girls right out. I'm thinking I'm, Yeah, oh Percent Sure. For sure. What a beautiful way too. Instead of going to, you know, a bar or all the places where they're not benefiting you.

This is spending quality time with people and doing something for your health. So I think that's a beautiful, beautiful Idea. Well, I think right now the most important thing for all of us is to get healthy again. I mean, a lot of people over the past few years, there's a lot of reasons that just not living a healthy lifestyle or just having outside things come into your body that aren't good for you.

Right. So what I would, you know, so what we're trying to really do is just heal people. You know, those little simple things that you do every day make a big difference. For sure. For sure. All right, well thank you so much Joe. I would like you to share with everyone where we can find you on the internet and social media.

Oh, perfect. So our Instagram is Reclaim Health Boca, we're on Facebook as Reclaim Health. Our website is www do Again, that's net And I think that's all of them. Right. All right. I think that's it. And if we have any, I'm gonna put 'em all in the description box, so don't worry.

We, we will know how to find you. Awesome. Thank you so much, Laura. You've been wonderful host and blessings to you and your husband. You have an amazing husband, and I thank you for all that you do. Thank you so much. And it was a pleasure having you on the Connected Body Podcast. All right everyone. We'll see you on the next episode.

Bye-bye. Have a lovely day.