Connected Body Podcast With Laura London

Mariel Rosefield, Groundedco Apparel - A Lifestyle Movement

October 05, 2022 Laura London Season 2 Episode 5
Connected Body Podcast With Laura London
Mariel Rosefield, Groundedco Apparel - A Lifestyle Movement
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A Lifestyle Movement

Today I had an amazing podcast interview with Mariel Rosefield founder of We met at a local event and hit it off right away. I knew I wanted to bring Mariel on the Connected Body Podcast and share her mission and passion with you. She is a true gem and a ray of bright light.

Mariel is passionate about what she does, she not only had a vision but brought it to life during the pandemic. Groundedco is a lifestyle movement brand created to spread intention, positivity, love and light. It is about creating community, connecting, and doing what you love and doing the things that keep you grounded. How wonderful is that!

Meet the designer behind Groundedco.

Hello World! My name is Mariel. I am a native from Sunny South Florida. I come from a long history of working in the corporate world and of course burnt out by the corporate lifestyle.

I decided to focus on my family and true passion for mindful living and the ocean environment. The Ocean has always been a place where I have had an intimate connection with the most.

Growing up my family would plan trips to the beach and that meant a full day of playing in the ocean. I have always felt the passion and responsibility to protect it somehow. With the years my passion for the ocean and devotion to nature has only grown stronger.

I was Grounding and the rest was history

It took a summer trip which is where it all connected and the birth of Groundedco happened. I’ll never forget I was sitting on a beautiful flat rock beside my sister in Cabarete, Dominican Republic right on the sand with the ocean in front.

The waves were going, wind was blowing, and my eyes were closed. We were meditating. Seriously what better place to disconnect and let go. I felt so connected to mother earth and at peace. I was Grounding and the rest was history.

Along came this vision of this magical movement that I could create starting with a t shirt.

With Groundedco our vision is to combine our passions and provide high quality, unique, stylish, and some ECO-friendly clothing, and to inspire others to do what they love while promoting a healthy outdoor lifestyle and spreading the ‘Stay Grounded’ way of life.

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I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Connected Body Podcast.

Hi Everyone, and welcome to another episode of the Connected Body Podcast. I am super excited to have Mariel Rosefield here today, founder of Groundedco Apparel. Welcome, Mariel.  Hello, Laura. I'm so happy to be here. Thank you for having me. It's such a pleasure. We finally got this interview together.

It's been a, a few weeks trying to get it together, what we are here, and I am so excited to share, and I just wanna tell everyone I met Mariel at a, a Wellness event at the Lotus Cove Wellness Spa here in Boca Raton. When I walked in, she was like this little beam of light, bright light. 
And I knew,  I need to know more about her. So That we both felt that there was such a natural connection from the very beginning. . So let's get started. I want know about you, a little bit about your background and just how you got started. Oh, fabulous. Thank you again.

My name is Mary. I'm the founder of Groundedco. And Groundedco is an apparel brand for women that was created from a mom for other, not just moms, but for all of the, And we got started because, so I, a little bit background about myself. I used to work in property management, real estate, completely different sides from where I am today.


And, and I did love it as well. I always worked with people, people. I, I just, I love people. I love meeting people. I love connecting. I love connecting people to people. So for me, I worked in that industry and had a family. Things got crazier, busier, you know, it was a lot of hours.

I was, I have to say, I was barely ever present because of work that took so long. I was the mom traveling with the computer out of the office to pick up the kids from school, right? Just like this, this can't be what life is, is going to be. I want so much more. I want to be present.

Being a mom was what I always wanted to be, but be present in that moment. And pretty challenging for, you know, today's moms when you're trying manage so many things and, and you know, you have that feeling of like, Oh my gosh what do I do first? What has more priority?  And so we had also a family business,

That started to pick up in a time where we were starting to also look for someone to come work for us. And I said, You know what? It was the perfect opportunity for me to make the transition and fill that spot and have some time to kind of just be in that moment, be still recollect my thoughts. Always wanted to, again,

Make a connection in our community with people. And I'll never forget, it was the first summer I was able to take such a nice vacation from the Dominican Republic, and my family lives there, so they live in Ka, which is gorgeous. It's kind of like, it's, it's a small, it's like two miles off the island near Port Plaza. And they're all about,

it's very holistic, living just into wellness, lots of yoga. And so I went there for the summer instead of doing summer camp. And we spent about like two months there. Incredible. Right. And I had a lot of downtime. I had a lot of time to ground and recharge and be still, which to me, it was hard to do when you're so used to going and going,

you feel almost uncomfortable in that. And so I knew I had to spend more time there because as in anything in life, when we're uncomfortable, that is where the growth happens. That is where the magic happens. And that is so hard to be in those moments. But I was, and I had that connection. I'd never forget, I was really called Earthing.

I had my feet in the ground, in the sand, right in front of the ocean, and I was doing a meditation session with my sister. And I'll never forget, I got the most incredible, like, just goosebumps and just, I need more of this feeling. I need to feel this connection of peace, of stillness, of grounding. And that's where it started to come to me.

00:04:27 The whole grounded co movement of wanting to create a community for my community where other people, not just, you know, right now we're just service to women. But eventually we'll be a service to all, but just via service to the community where you are doing what you love while you're staying grounded. And that's what we're all about. We're all about staying grounded and connecting.

00:04:52 I love it. I love it. Well, oh, wait, I have to show everyone I have on one of her tshirts. So we're, we're gonna talk about that. Yes. We're matching Today. Yeah. Matching Matty. All right. So I know also that the ocean holds a very special place for you. And, and how did you weave the ocean into This?

00:05:19 So, for me, the ocean, I don't know about you Laura, but for me, the ocean, Like I, first off, I love to meditate, right? Even if it's just 10 minutes, Yeah. That's what I have today. That's what I'm gonna give it. But there's something so magical about the ocean when I go, whether,
00:05:35 if I'm meditating, whether if I'm just putting my feet on the water, whether if I'm just sitting in the water, there's something so relaxing. So connecting, so grounding. I feel like all of the stress, all of the anxiety, anything that I may be feeling or experiencing, just kind of washes off and I'm ready to just restart. That's always been the case for me since a child doing a lot of,

00:06:01 you know, trips to the oceans. That, that would be, what are we doing on the weekend? We're going to the ocean, we're gonna pack some food and we're gonna spend the day there. And for me as a kid, it was just amazing. So I've always had a connection since I was a kid, always worried about our oceans.

00:06:15 Like, you know, making sure, being that mindfulness, like picking up when there's so much, you know, pollution and trash and you know, let's face it, there's so much of it in the oceans in today's world. So I've always wanted to tie something in with the grounded co-brand. So like, some of our apparel are made out of recycled material,

00:06:34 recycled water bottles that sometimes unfortunately, are found in our oceans. And that's how our brand is tied. We're in the process of developing a program where we could do some beach cleanups just because that so deeply, you know, to me and to our movement. I love, love, love that. And that's a another thing that I just love about you and your company is,

00:06:58 is the giving back. You know, there are so many companies I think that they just are, you know, they wanna make money. Nothing wrong with making money, but the giving back at this point in time in history is such an important piece of the puzzle. So I, I really, really appreciate that you're doing that. I agree with you so much.

00:07:20 It is so important to give back because I mean, let's face it, we are, there's, there's, I always say it, there's power through community. Yeah. And the more that we embrace that and the more that we harper on that, it's like there's space for all of us to win. Yes. To move, Shine in, you know?

00:07:38 And yes, it is important to make money and when you're running a business, but my heart gets filled, It's just giving back. That's be, that's when it's not a job. So that's beautiful. The different, the different apparel that you do have on the website, because I see where spokes models today, but there's more than just t-shirts and sweatshirts.

00:08:00 That is hoodie Yes. And hoodies. So we have a bit of a collection on our site right now. And it's funny because we wanted to start off was, as you know, ath leisure, like a athletic apparel, and actually launched in the middle of the pandemic like many people did. And so we had to pivot, we had to do a lot of pivoting because we had done so much research as far as,

00:08:26 and connecting, wanting to launch, launch within apparel brand as far as, you know, leggings and your active wear. Right? And as the work started to shut down, we had more complications and more, you know, limitations. So again, just another hurdle and how are you gonna show up for that? So we decided to pivot. Pivot.

00:08:46 I love it. Yes. And so we launched with a t-shirt. We started with t-shirts and hats. So we have t-shirts, we have hats, we do have hoodies. We've done also rash guards because we are such lovers of the ocean. So few rash guards. And in within that we have a few collaborations that we've done, which I do have to give shoutouts to Courtney Cannon.

00:09:11 She does all still life live paintings for weddings, or she works with brands. She is amazing. Wow. So that's the mock that we all see. And it's all about staying grounded. So I did the collaboration with her. We also have socks, especially coming up now for chili season. I just might have to have a pair here. I washed these that day because I have roller skates and I wanted wear them.

00:09:40 I needed, you know, in Florida we barely wear socks, but I have all those little tiny P type socks. I'm like, these are great for roller skating. I see. I have not worn them yet. And I have not roller skated in them, but I will be. But you will be. And I can't wait to see that.
00:09:55 And those are actually very special socks. That's another collaboration with sugar buggy. She is your 10 year old entrepreneur, actually 11 year old entrepreneur boss, babe. And as she does everything custom tie dye. And I just saw it as the best opportunity to do. Cause you know, we're talk about, we have, you know, our grounded girl,

00:10:16 which I know we'll talk about movement, but I've always said, you know, in order to be this grounded woman, you have to start as a grounded girl. And that's where, so that's another special collaboration. We're very, yes. And those are our ammo vibes. We also, I'm very big into cleansing our energy and protecting our energy. We already know when they come home,

00:10:42 they're like, Mom saging. So I'm a big Sr. I love to sage, I love to cleanse my space, especially, you know, because we're not always feeling our very best. That would be ideal to feel that way. Yes. And that does take work. Part of that work is protecting your energy. And so I'm very big into that.

00:11:03 So we do sell sage. We do the, the, the blue magic sage, and we also do our regular sage white s So we have both, which are for different purposes, but ultimately to cleanse your energy in space. I love that. It's so important. I mean, energy is like, I don't know, energy is the new black vibration is the new,

00:11:23 like, you know, it used to be kale now. Oh my goodness. So true. But I'm such a, because especially in today's world with, you know, so many things going on in the planet. Yeah. You know, so easy for energies and vibes to get affected and just to be brought down. And you know, there's a lot of people out there that are looking just to put whatever they're,

00:11:49 they're caring to dump that somewhere else. And although we're there for, you know, our community and there to support, it is also very important to be mindful and to protect that just so that we don't absorb so much where it turns off your own light, you know? Yeah. That, and that's what you pointed out in the beginning is us putting your feet on the earth,

00:12:08 on the beach, on the grass, and grounding, You're recharging, we're batteries, you're recharging your battery. And even just wearing something that, you know, gives this message, you're, you are just shining to other people. And then that helps them. They might just smile because they saw this, this shirt today. Like, that's amazing. You know?

00:12:28 So True. And that's, and that, that's really our main goal, is just exactly what you said, you know, is just to be that impact, because we're all going through things, you know, even when we're wearing that beautiful, smiling face, never know what that person is going through and what they're caring. And so our goal is to make that transition,

00:12:50 to be of that light, to be of that connection, because that's, that's all that we can do, right? Yes. Yes. Love it. All right. So I know on your website you have an amazing blog and you have an interview series. So tell us about your interview series. Oh, so, so funny that you should ask,

00:13:09 because we just completed a one year anniversary with our Grounded Girl movement. So in all of this launch and all of this, you know, I just wanted to continue to figure out ways, how can we connect with our community? There is so many amazing women that I have met, you know, and specifically through this group, it's called FemCity,

00:13:35 which is in Boca, which I'm a part of, you know, And I've been able to meet so many amazing, fabulous, fabulous pho babes, where through there I've met Natalie and through Natalie, I met you. You know, So it's just like the circle that keeps giving. And I'm like, how can we showcase? How can we connect with these amazing women and share them with our community?

00:13:57 You know, just cause they have so much as well to offer, and I want them to be a part of that, and I want to create that. So we created it., and every month we feature a grounded girl and a grounded girl in our community that's out there, you know, just doing what she loves, making a difference, giving back to our community,

00:14:20 giving something of value, and doing it while she stays grounded. And so every month we feature that grounded girl, we do an interview series, which we put through our blog and through our socials, also do a few videos for us that they could showcase through the grounded co social, whether it's through Instagram or Facebook, kind of showcasing and talking about what they are and what they offer.

00:14:48 And so, and more importantly, just being able to, to give and share that with our community. Right. That, that's beautiful. That's really beautiful. Connecting everybody and really, you know, 1, 1 1 light lights the next light. Yeah. It's, it's when we can get out there in the community and meet people and reach out, it's, it's just such a beautiful thing.

00:15:15 And I think that the world is, that's the way the world is, is shifting, is really to connection community not being separate. We are all here together on this one planet. We are all connected. We really are. That is so true. And why not do it together? You know, I, you know, I've often heard people like,

00:15:38 no, I don't share, you know, my secrets with this or that. I'm like, We're all here to grow together. There's so much space on this planet for all of us when, for all of us to shine, why not be able to share my platform with my community, with what you do and with what you share with the world?

00:15:57 Because it's so magical, You know? Like, I remember when we met and with your singing bowls in that space, when we held that Wellness event, it was so moving your bowls, your energy, everything that you brought to that moment, every women in there that was a boss, babe of their own needed that. Yeah. And so, you know,

00:16:18 you being able to share that with them, it just, it's a click in my head naturally. Like, Oh my God, I need to share this person with the world, because she brings so much light, so much magic. With, with that said, I'm so excited to be able to have you Laura girl, October. I cannot wait to share the community,

00:16:39 All of your magic. And thank you for having me. I'm very excited about that. And I will also be sharing that out with everyone when it comes out. Show. Let's see. I'm going to say one more question. I have a list here. Okay, then this is one from her interview series, Mariel. If you could pick one place in the world to stay grounded,

00:17:04 where would that be? Oh my gosh. Because there's so many amazing places in the world. Yeah. How do we pick just one?  But if I did have to pick one, you know, I've actually never been, and it's like my dream, everyone who knows me personally knows that that's what I wanna do when my 40th birthday comes around.

00:17:27 And for me, it's, I wanna be in Thailand. I want just, I don't know, surrounded by all of the magic of like, all of the energy of the Buddhas and the elephants and the mountains and the rivers and just all of that space. Not that I can't find magic where I'm at right now, and in so, so many places I've been to.

00:17:50 But there's something so special. And the irony is that I've never been there, but it calls me so bad that I just, I could see myself there. So if I had to pick one place to be and stay grounded in that environment, it would be in Thailand. I, I love that. And because you have already seen it and you have the vision,

00:18:13 it will happen. I have no, I have no doubt in my mind. Yeah. Yeah. So we're gonna wrap this up, but I would love for you to share with everyone where they can find you on social media, your websites, your socials, everything. Absolutely. Absolutely. So you could find me, we have a website, it's

00:18:41 And if you're looking on social, which we are very connected to, you could find me. It's on Instagram at groundedco_ underscore. And that would be the same, like if you're into TikTok, there's so many different apps in today.  All in so many different amazing connections. But TikTok is also at @groundedco_ . And then you could also find us on Facebook.

00:19:03 So, but check out our blog, check out our interviews of our Grounded Girls that you'll find on the website, which is again www grounded co com. And I'm going to put all these links and everything below the video so everyone can really easily find you. And you guys get a t-shirt. Get a shirt.  And we are stocked ready for hoodie season.

00:19:32 We have different ones. We have crop tops, we have zipper, we have tie dye ones, and we also have long sleeve shirts also made out of our recyclable materials. So check those. Perfect timing. End of the year. End of the year. Start your holiday shopping a little early. Perfect. All right. Well, Mariel, thank you so,

00:19:53 so much for being here and shining your light and sharing your love and your passion with everyone. I really, really appreciate it. Thank you so much for having me, Laura. Such a pleasure connecting with you and your community, and I look forward to the next one. Yay. All right. Bye everybody. Bye. See you on the next Connected Body podcast.

00:20:18 Bye bye.