Connected Body Podcast With Laura London

Jennifer Joy Jiménez - TrancenDance™ "Let The Movement Set You Free"

August 05, 2022 Laura London Season 2 Episode 4
Connected Body Podcast With Laura London
Jennifer Joy Jiménez - TrancenDance™ "Let The Movement Set You Free"
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Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Joy Jiménez. Jennifer Jiménez is Founder of the Health & Well-Being Division at Brave Thinking Institute, as well as a highly sought-after speaker, consultant, trainer and coach.

Through her transformational retreats, workshops and cutting-edge Vibrant Healthy Woman Program, Jennifer has coached thousands worldwide to become more confident, healthy, joyful, abundant and full of life, so that they feel fully empowered to make the difference they are here to make in the world.

Jennifer has been featured in publications like Self, Shape, Oxygen and Woman’s World, and on TV on Fox Business, NBC News and more. In addition, she’s shared the stage with thought leaders Marianne Williamson, Maya Angelou, Byron Katie, Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and others.

She's also the creator of the highly acclaimed transformative movement modality TranscenDance™️, helping people of all ages and backgrounds world-wide, move stuck energy, dance their dreams into reality, and truly thrive with joy and vitality in their body temple!

With more than two decades of expertise in authentic, heart-centered sales, Jennifer is also the co-founder of “Conversations That Close,” the 7-step System for the Successful Enrollment Conversation. She loves supporting purpose-driven, difference-makers to sell with greater ease and achieve extraordinary results! Over $100 million in sales can be attributed to this powerful, proven, heart-centered sales system.

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I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Connected Body Podcast.

00:00:00 Everyone and welcome to another episode of the connected body podcast. I am so excited. You're here today for today's guest, Jennifer joy Jimenez. Jennifer is the co-founder of the brave thinking Institute, expert, faculty and trainer, founder, and director of the health and wellbeing division, Jennifer, through her transformational retreats workshops and cutting edge vibrant healthy woman program. She has coached thousands worldwide to become more confident,

00:00:34 healthy, joyful, abundant, and full of life so that they feel fully empowered to make the difference they are here to make in the world. I love that Jennifer has been featured in publications like self shape oxygen and a woman's world and on TV Fox business and BBC news. And more. In addition, she shared the stage with thought leaders, such as Marianne Williamson,

00:01:02 Maya Angelo, Byron Katie, Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and more. She's also the creator of the highly acclaimed transformative movement, modality transcend dance, helping people of all ages and backgrounds worldwide. We've stuck energy dance, their dreams into reality, and truly thrive with joy and vitality in their body temple. With more than two decades of expertise in authentic heart centered sales.

00:01:38 Jennifer is also the co-founder of conversations that close the seven step system for successful enrollment conversations. She loves supporting purpose-driven difference makers to sell with greater ease and achieve extraordinary results. Over 1 million in sales can attribute can be attributed to this powerful, proven heart centered sales system. I know you're going to love this interview and let's get started. Here we go. Okay.

00:02:15 Hi everyone. And welcome to another episode of the connected body podcast. I am so excited to have my friend this amazing, beautiful woman today to interview Jennifer joy Jimenez. Welcome Jennifer to the show. Oh my goodness. I'm so grateful to be here, Laura. Thank you for having me. Oh my pleasure. So Jennifer, as you all learned in her intro is a powerhouse like she is just has done amazing things.

00:02:50 And I met Jennifer. Gosh, it's gotta be almost 10 years now. At least when we were, I was in the fitness industry and Jennifer was approaching one of her birthdays and we kind of connected And say at the big Four road, she wanted to get in shape and that's kind of how we met and we connected virtually online, just like we're doing now,

00:03:15 Jennifer, you started with dance and I know that's a huge part of who you are. So why don't you give us a little intro of your dance background? Yes, I would love to. So I am from a small town just outside of Portland, Oregon on a farm Hillsboro, Oregon. I grew up on a a hundred plus acre Marionberry farm and there was not a whole lot to do back in.

00:03:43 I was born in 75. So that tells you my, my age. So there wasn't a whole lot to do. So my favorite thing was to, to dance and to just be free and to run around. And then we would drive past this dance studio in Beaverton on my, on the way to my mom's work. And I begged and begged and begged my parents to put me into anything I could get my hands on.

00:04:08 That was movement related. And that was the one thing that I could see where people were in a studio and dancing. So I started in the world of dance in pretty traditional classes. Ballet and jazz were really available. Tap dance was available at that studio and I just really fell in love with dance. In general, I did some cheerleading in high school.

00:04:32 I did musical theater and then I'm, I moved to, I fell in love actually with my husband while I was in high school. So I moved to Mexico city, which is where he's from. And I went to their fine arts. I have two really fantastic, fine art school.<inaudible> for anybody out there who might have a connection to Mexico city.

00:04:51 And I quickly learned that I was actually a little old in their world for, you know, studying. So I moved to New York and I studied in New York. I moved to LA steady dance in LA and got into a modern dance company in my early twenties. And so my relationship with dance and my relationship with my body began to form really through the lens of the professional dance world back in,

00:05:20 you know, the, the late nineties really. And so back then, it was very much this, no pain, no gain mentality. You have to strive to be as absolute stick thin as humanly possible. And my frame is not naturally designed that way. So it felt like a constant battle and constant fight. There was a lot of body loading that was just absolutely normal and,

00:05:47 and, you know, constantly criticizing yourself, constantly looking in the mirror and looking at what is needing to be fixed. And even in college, I think the thing that still floors me is they graded us in ballet on our weight. Like we got, we got a letter grade now. It wasn't very funny at the time because I was definitely at that time under weights,

00:06:22 right. And I still got a C in the, in the category of weight, which just baffles me. I know that they would even do that. I, I hope and pray. They don't do that anymore. I don't think they do. There's been a lot. That's changed in the many years since I've been in college, but I share all of that just to put into perspective.

00:06:46 You know, if there's anyone out there that is struggling with body loading, body dysmorphia, struggling with a relationship with food, struggling with, when you put yourself on the scale in the morning, what you weigh, determines your happiness for the day, literally millions and millions of women are struggling with this today. And I just want everyone to know that it's a learned behavior and you can learn to shift it.

00:07:16 It can be transformed and changed. And Laura, I know you being in the fitness industry, I mean like extreme, not just like the general fitness industry, but like bodybuilding and competition. I mean, it's very similar to the professional dance world in, in that regard. Could you share a little bit about that? Yeah. When I went, you know,

00:07:36 I entered this whole thing just to get myself in shape. That was all I wanted to do. And then it transpired into the figure competitions. But I think even though it looks like it's such an amazing healthy world, there's really this back, you know, curtain of it is like, you know, you're, you're working hard, you're having this amazing shape and then your competition is over and then you just want to eat everything that you've deprived yourself of for months.

00:08:05 And the body, the body is way smarter, you know, it's, it's, it's going to catch up to you and it's a very unhealthy way to live. Yeah. And then once you're at this, you know, amazing shape and weight and you go back to what's normal, you feel abnormal. Like you think now your, your whole perspective has changed.

00:08:29 You should always look like this and you put maybe five, 10 pounds on and you just feel like, yeah, it's, it's really plays with the mind. And it's a shame because we are not a number on a scale and it shouldn't dictate our day. And it shouldn't, we are, we're beautiful human beings with so much to give to the world,

00:08:49 whether we're, you know, skinny like this or a full figure, it's it does not. You're you you're always, you hear, you know, what do you think about them? It's so true. Well, I think for me, I really part of what helped me wake up to how disconnected and really dysfunctional and abusive I had become with my body was when I became pregnant with my daughter.

00:09:20 So in my mid twenties, actually pretty early for a professional dancer, I was married at the time and we were being careful, but obviously, you know, what can happen when you're being careful? So I got pregnant a little earlier than planned, but still wouldn't ever, ever change it. I mean, my daughter's 22 now and just amazing. And she really helped catapult me into this new actual connection I had been.

00:09:49 I had completely disconnected from my body. I'd been taught to ignore the signals of my body. I had taught to not trust my body wisdom. I had been taught to push through the pain to keep going when my body was screaming for rest to not eat until dark, my body, all these things in the dance world. And so all of a sudden now I'm pregnant and it becomes not about me.

00:10:16 It becomes about nurturing this beautiful baby in my, in my womb. And I need to feed her. And I should probably rest because I'm feeling tired, you know? And I don't want anything. I don't want to push too hard because something might go wrong with the pregnancy. And it was like a light bulb switch had been turned off. All of a sudden got turned on and I could actually hear and feel and sense this incredible body wisdom that live within me.

00:10:46 Now, I want to say, even if you don't ever plan on being a mom or having children, or you feel like, oh, no, I missed my opportunity to turn the light switch on because my I've already had my kids. It doesn't matter. My, my point. And I've, I've walked thousands of beautiful women through this experience of that body wisdom,

00:11:07 that, that inner connection to this incredible body is always here. And it actually takes very little to begin to turn on the re reconnect. It's almost like a phone line, you know what I mean? And you've just pick up the phone that the wisdom there it's been there all along. It's just been the volumes either. It's almost like if you're on a call and you go,

00:11:34 oh, I just need to turn the volume up. Oh yeah. Like the volumes been here all along. It can, it can be, it really can be that easy. And that, that was my entry, you know, into turning on that body wisdom and her birth. It was, it was actually a bit of a traumatic birth, but it was because I was so in fear around my body.

00:11:57 And I was still in control mode. You know, a lot of traditional fitness and traditional dance. It's all about whip the body and to shape and control this dead mass of tissue and the body couldn't be anything more opposite than a dead massive tissue to be carved and tone, right? It is a living breathing wise. One of my favorite quotes that I love is the godmother of,

00:12:28 of modern dance. And she says, her name will come to me. Ruth St. Dennis, 
 the godmother of conscious dance and modern dance said that the body is a receiving and transmitting station for life itself. And so we want to render the body responsive. We want to listen to the body. And so the, the traumatic birth actually helped me realize that I was still in many ways,

00:12:57 living from constriction and fear and how you do anything is how you do everything. And so for the next really four years, until my second baby was born, I want an, a deep healing journey. And I found my conscious dance mentors. I found conscious dance for the first one, and really began to dive into that healing, spiritual practice, energy medicine,

00:13:18 and mind, body spirit connection. And I read every book. I could get my hands on and took as many classes as I could find. It also began to teach. I began to have women say, okay, there's something happening with you. Like, I want some of that medicine. Like, I want some of what you've got like, can you begin to share it?

00:13:36 And I began to really codify and create what is now transcend dance, the conscious dance modality that I teach to beautiful women all over the world. And, and I ultimately became, as you've shared, you know, in my bio, a transformational life coach and began to launch programs and things. But the journey is always first with our own selves. You know,

00:13:59 the healing that needs to happen here, the reconnection that needs to happen here. And so my new, I call them my body loving, you know, beliefs versus my body loving beliefs is that food is just energy. Yes. And my body tells me how much to eat when to eat, when to stop eating, just like a baby. You can't force a baby to eat.

00:14:23 Yes. Right. The baby's full it's like, it's just, I tell them, like my daughter, she has an almost two year old and chill. She'll be like, oh my gosh, he hasn't eaten in a day, two days. I'm like, that's okay. When he's hungry, he will eat. They intuitively know it's built in. And like you said,
00:14:42 we just discussed so disconnected from it. And when we finally Start to tap back in, we know, we know it really helps, but it's that sitting and getting quiet and actually listening instead of the go go go. It's so true, Laura, that really is the piece is carving out time in sacred mindful practices. So it could be a mindful yoga class.

00:15:11 You want to pay attention to the teacher because nowadays there's literally tens of thousands of yoga instructors and you can you'll sense and feel and know, you know, try ask for guidance from, you know, your higher self from spirit around where to find opportunities and resources nowadays. I mean, there's so much even on your apps, there's yoga apps and mindful meditation apps and things of that nature.

00:15:36 There's conscious dances now available. I broadcast my conscious dance classes, online there's classes, you know, all over the world that are, you know, broadcasting and, and, you know, through zoom, but there's also local, you know, opportunities to, to do meditation, mindful movement, yoga, conscious dance, these types of things. Now I am so thrilled as to,

00:16:01 you know, what you're offering now. And I'm, I'd love for you. If you wouldn't mind sharing, you know, just with your audience, like what caused the shift. Something happened where you just felt this like magnetism. And let me just say, let me just toot your horn for a minute, because like, you're the woman who has like every certification under the sun.

00:16:23 Like you're a lifelong learner. It's one of the things that I immediately fell in love about you and why of all the, of all the beautiful trainers in the whole wide world. I chose you to help get me into the next level shape for my big birthday. You know, like I, I searched and I was like, her, Her, She is bad-ass.

00:16:42 She is amazing. Like, I can just, I could just see the light emanating from you, you know, even back then. And you're, you've expanded, you know, things into a new place. So tell us about that. Yeah. Well, you know, I just talked about this this morning in like, I think my Facebook group that I had been disconnected from myself and my true path,

00:17:07 you know, I I've been doing the fitness for like 10 years, but I wasn't feeling it here in my heart and my soul, and I knew something was missing, but I didn't quite know what, but like you said, I've always been learning. I've always want to learn this and this and take this class, like, sign me up. And,

00:17:25 and, you know, meditation was always very hard for me to I'd go to yoga class. I'm like, oh, now I've got to go exercise in the gym. Like, like, it was like, that's a waste of my time. But somehow meditation came into my life. I've started practicing with Dr. Joe Dispenza and it was just this huge shift.

00:17:46 And I brought it into my life. My husband wakes up every day at five, a M and meditates. He's been doing this for over a year now, like, this is someone who you thought would never, ever meditate. So it's really changed our lives. And it's, it's opened my world even more because it was always open, but like to sound healing and the crystal singing bowls and vibration and energy in the body and how we're truly have the power to create our own health,

00:18:16 our own world and our own life within us, instead of looking out there. So, yeah. So I've incorporated all that into what I'm doing now, as well as fitness. I've always been kind of intuitive. I said the intuitive personal trainer trainer, but yeah. So, all right, I'm bouncing this back to you, girl, transcend dance.

00:18:36 Tell us about transcend because you light up whenever you talk about as you should. Well, it is. Yeah. So as I was, as I mentioned, you know, looking for the answer to this, like, okay, I just had this traumatic birth, even though I, you know, I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm young,

00:19:00 I'm fit. I did my visualizations. I wrote out my natural birth plan. Like it did the whole thing that they say to do, and it didn't work so clearly I missed the mark somewhere. So what's going on. And I was immediately attracted to several mentors who helped me discover what conscious dance was. And it couldn't be more different than traditional stance.

00:19:23 So in traditional dance, you walk into a super light and bright dance studio. There's mirrors. Usually you're facing one direction right now back, you know, many, many, many, many moons ago. And I'm hoping it's very different now, but I, you know, I know there's still some of this going on. It's, it's a competitive energy show.

00:19:43 You want to be front and center. There's a lot of competition. Who's, who's the best. So it's a, there's a vibration of competition and kind of sizing you up. And so therefore you're even competing, you know, and sizing yourself up and judgment from the teacher, quite a bit of like, you got to do this better and that better and do it right.

00:20:02 And you're copying, you know, a choreography now there, it can be super artistic and fun and expressive. There's absolutely a place in this world for the arts. So there's by no means, am I discounting the power that, that has provided in my life and where it took me, but conscious dance. Let me explain the difference. So you walk into a room,

00:20:23 there's no mirrors and therefore you're dancing in a 360 degree methods. So there's no front to the room, right? The music is usually much more new age, although you can find modern music and a lot of conscious dancer, static dance classes, but the vibe, the emotional resonance in the room is of, and connection and seeking unconditional love. You're seeking this spiritual ecstatic experience.

00:20:57 The, the, the conscious dance world, ecstatic, you know, dance, which has a location all over the country, their, their rules for their class, or this is a substance free place because you get such a high, just the endorphins that are released, the positive emotions that are released, all the feel good, good chemicals get released when you're,

00:21:22 when you're dancing in this way. And so I, I really went on my own personal development journey, as well as my healing journey, as well as my conscious dance journey. And transcendence just began to form itself. Almost like if anybody saw the movie, the matrix where you see the grid, it was, it was like that as, as women,

00:21:44 particularly women would come to me and say, okay, I feel very stiff, disconnected, awkward, constricted, disconnected from my divine feminine. Like I don't feel womanly, feminine, sensual. I feel like I'm very much in go energy or pushing energy, or like stifled energy. And you're so fluid and so feminine and, and beautiful yet strong. And you say your truth and you're empowered.

00:22:14 Like how do I do that? And I would immediately that I have more of that. And I would say, sure, I would love to share whatever I can. And, and honestly, it's about unlocking her. I call her your wise woman, your bodied woman, your unlocked unleashed, you know, uninhibited, you doesn't live by copying somebody else.

00:22:43 It doesn't live in a diet. It actually doesn't even live in a book. Now there are books and programs and things that can help spark her to come alive and awake in you. But she really lives just by being with her. And what I love about conscious dance is you put on some music and I'll tell you, we were born to do this.

00:23:05 If you watch your, and I know you do your two-year-old or a three-year-old or a four-year-old and you put music on, I've never met a toddler that says I have two left feet. Yeah. I don't like to dance, Just move. And they smile. It's so great. I mean, just, just go tick talk and like, look up baby dance.

00:23:29 And I mean, it's so free. It's freeing, it's freeing up, like you said, The blocked energy in the Body. Great. Higher and higher. So in TranscenDance™, it's 10 stages.  I do a TranscenDance™ facilitator training now for those that want to learn not only how to deepen their own practice,

00:23:58 they're an embodiment, their own confidence, their own freedom, but then want to take it, you know, out into the world and help others experience it. And I'll often get asked Jennifer, what's the difference between like transcend dance and these other conscious dance modalities. Right. And so what I like to say, the main difference I feel is that if you go into an ecstatic dance class or experience there,

00:24:24 a lot of them are outdoors. Like here in California, they're on the beach of like, you know, like the, the headphones that you can do and the whole thing, or he'd go into a five rhythms or some of these other modalities, which I totally recommend and love. It can be for the common person off the street a little bit like,

00:24:49 oh no. I don't know if I can say bad words on her podcast, but I would have said another word, but I toned it down. But I mean, like, it's really intimidating this, especially if you feel disconnected from your body and not quite sure exactly where to start or what to do, and what I have learned over decades of leading women in women's retreats,

00:25:13 leading classes in every arena, you can find from fitness centers to yoga studios, to career, I've taken transcendence to correctional facilities, to cancer groups and patients, hospitals, children. I mean, I've, I've really gone out there and I understand like the psychology of people and what they need to hear to just begin to go within, to begin to turn off the outer eyes and turn on the inner eyes to let that inner dancer just to come.

00:25:45 It's like, it's okay, we'll get you. Won't, you know, it's like letting that inner child that wanted to play in grade school and was told, sit down, shut up, be quiet, stop dreaming. Right, right. Don't make noise, like bottle it up. And then for decades, we go through traditional school and we bottled it up and it isn't safe to let that out.

00:26:09 And so to all of a sudden be told, oh yeah, you know, just be crazy, be silly, make noise, move your body. It's just too much in some, for some, all at once. So for some they're like, ready, let's go. Right. But for others, they need a little bit of like, we're going to start here and then we're going to go here.

00:26:28 So it's 10 stages that it's like, it's like letting the, the rose gently blossom versus expecting it to be openly. Right. I love that analogy. Yeah. No, because I gently enter into this little one little step at a time. So there's a whole warmup experience and we take you into the breath and some stretching on the floor, and then I have everyone stand.

00:26:54 And then we do, we dance the body parts it's can be a lot easier to just dance the hand as the body's moving, then focus on just dance, just go. People will like, I don't know where to begin. Like they think that they have to do, you know, they kind of fall into these, like, but wait, I was ridiculed on,

00:27:13 you know, in middle school I was told like, you know, like all these memories, rush in. So I have, it's almost like movement hacks where their brain is thinking about this and their head is moving like that, that they can't even think, you know. And one of the agreements is that this is a non-judgment zone. And we agree not to judge others,

00:27:34 not to judge ourselves. We agree to let our body be our guide. We agree to let that inner child and have a childlike curiosity and to just release all the inhibitions and move like no one's watching and just let the body. And you'd be surprised after a few sessions. One of my favorite, I have, I have many favorite TranscenDance™ stories, healings,

00:27:57 and all sorts of things that have happened in class. But recently, one of my male facilitators, who is your typical white guy, you know, probably six, two tall, thin, you know, kind of geeky looking would probably be ridiculed in that middle school dance and told, just stop, just stop. Like mean, mean, mean stuff,

00:28:19 right? And the beauty, the beauty of TranscenDance™, as you can Transcendance™ in a wheelchair in the hospital bed, you know, fully mobile, super fit people. It doesn't matter your fitness level, your body's going to move you the way it feels comfortable and feel safe. And so after probably three sessions at the end of class, I stay over and you can do some sharing.

00:28:43 He said, I don't know what just happened. I've kind of freaked out, but right now, but my body, there was a moment in class when it shifted. All of a sudden my body was dancing me. And I was like, oh, that's beautiful. Touch the hem of the garment of what this is all about because the body, if you,

00:29:07 if you ever watched like a cat, right. Or my dog, like my dog does it literally a down dog every morning when she got a joke, right. She literally does. And the animals know how to keep themselves. They don't have chiropractors. They don't have all these things like right there. They naturally know their body intuitively. I mean,

00:29:33 maybe there are animal chiropractors. I apologize if they, if those actually exist nowadays. Right. It's possible. Yes. But my point being animals are very much still in tune and in touch with their natural body. And I find after a transcend dance class, I'm not exaggerating. I feel like I've had a chiropractic adjustment. We do energy healing. And so I feel like I've had some sort of a Reiki session or energy healing session.

00:30:03 I feel like I have had a full workout because I'm usually drenched because I dance pretty big. So I'm like just completely drenched. And I've the whole beginning. There's all this stretching. Right? So I feel like I've rung out all the negative stuff mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, that just gets stuck and stored. And particularly for the change agents,

00:30:31 the people that are that this is like, they do healing work. They're working with clients, coaches, therapists, frontline workers, teachers, you know, where there's just a lot of stuff coming at. You even, you know, in my experience, we're, we're still human, right. So we just take on unconsciously all times of energy. Oh,

00:30:52 you don't mean to. And then all of a sudden, if we don't have an outlet for it. It gets embodied and embedded and then it can become disease. It can become injury. It can become all these things. So to have a regular, it's not just a fitness routine by any means, it's a spiritual, it's a mental,

00:31:11 it's an emotional, it's a, it's a cleansing process where you walk out going, okay. I've just gone through a whole mental, emotional, physical, like reboot in every sense, I feel amazing. And you can also do it in short snippets. Like it doesn't, yes. The full class is like full on medicine and I need it and I do it right.

00:31:32 Movement medicines. I'm working on like a list of projects, like, you know, like a mile long. And I'm like, okay, it's going to be a TranscenDance and 10 meaning like two songs, you know? And it just, Even One song, you can do one song. And I love that. I love that. 

00:31:48 Because there's no one minute is longer than no minutes. You know what I mean? Like if you just do something to release that it's so beautiful. And I, I actually had the opportunity to do one of your virtual transcendence classes and I loved it. And I'm one who, who is dancing. Dancing was never my, my thing growing up, I never dance even in high school.

00:32:16 Like never, never. So for me, it, it was an uncomfortable thing. But in the class it was just beautiful because like you said, you just started out slow. It wasn't like, okay, we're dancing. I would have been like, ah, I'm I would be the one who would stand in the corner and watch, but no,

00:32:35 I didn't feel that way at all. And it was beautiful Just flowed and, and everyone was so loving and supportive. That was really a beautiful part of it. Plus you were there. Exactly. Exactly. And to that point, I find that, you know, that inner dancer just gets kind of put in the back drawer, right. When you say I was the one that didn't dance,

00:33:03 like, you know, if we were to go back and you and I would be three and we would be in like a outdoor summer concert, we would be dancing. Like, you know what I mean? Like there, there is no question in my mind that you right where this free little girl that, you know, and I know that there's family history and,

00:33:25 you know, all sorts of reasons, why being super active and fit and all of that, you know, wasn't as, as encouraged, you know what I mean, growing up. And so a lot of it is just embedded experiences and beliefs that get internalized. And then we just turn, turn those parts of ourselves down, or even off until all of a sudden,

00:33:47 one day we meet, you know, a Laura London or a Jennifer Jiménez and we go, oh, we can have permission at any age. And I think that's why I'm so passionate about, and I get just like this just waves of emotion that rise up when I'm, when I say this, that we need outlets, particularly women need safe. I can't tell you how many women come to me and say,

00:34:14 I've always known I had an inner dancer or I always wanted to dance, or I did dance. And then I put that, like, I thought that chapter was over. Like I put her, I hung up my ballet shoes or my jazz shoes or my Latin dance shoes or whatever they did back in the day. And I now bet and, and fitness and movement has become like this drudgery or this very linear,

00:34:40 like walk on the treadmill while you're watching Netflix. Like, it's like this very two dimensional and boring, right. I'm not saying I don't do that or have never done that. Like, I'm there again, there's room for it. All my point is just, there's this other Technicolor magical, beautiful way of feeling in, and being in the body that's available.

00:35:08 That really is a spiritual journey for those that are really looking for, okay, there's gotta be more to life than just raising my own kids and then raising my grandkids and then going to work and then coming home, like I know I'm meant for more, you know, I'm meant for more. And these kinds of modalities in my life have helped me connect to that purpose,

00:35:30 passion mission. Why I'm here, help me release the limiting paradigm, the limiting beliefs, the limiting patterns and habits that are just of lower vibration and not in alignment with my soul self and help me connect to her, my soul self, my empowered on purpose on fire, my higher self so that I can help others. Do the same.

00:35:55 That's beautiful, Jennifer. That's beautiful. Okay. So tell everyone where we can find you on. Yes, yes, yes. Yes. So I have partnered with my mother and my brothers and we have together a personal development company called the brave thinking Institute, like brave, like the movie Braveheart. So Brave Thinking Institute, where we empower people to create and live a life they love.

00:36:27 You can go to brave thinking and there's the health and wellbeing division. I'm the founder and creator of our health and wellbeing division. Specifically, if you're looking for how to quickly find the transcend dance page, you can go to And I do teach the first Saturday of every month and the second Wednesday evening of every month.

00:36:57 And I think I had promised your community that I would give a free coupon code. And I do have it just give me one second. You guys are gonna love it. Yes. Like can't you just feel Jennifer's energy just bouncing off the screen. I guess I can't wait. So it's body22. So body22, all lower case,

00:37:25 all one, all, all together, body22. You can put that in classes normally, you know, super affordable anyways, $20, but, and you can type in body22 and get the class for free. The next class that is probably going to be happening once you post this, you know, broadcast would be the first Saturday,

00:37:57 you know, coming up 10:00 AM Pacific on zoom. When you register, we send you the zoom link. Okay. You don't have to turn your camera on. If you don't want to, you can just come as you are and open mind, open heart willing spirit, and you're going to be so glad your body will absolutely think I love it. All right.

00:38:17 I'm going to put all those links in the coupon code below this podcast interviews too. So don't worry. We've got it all for you, everybody. So Jennifer, thank you so much for being here today and sharing your story. And you're really an inspiration to many, many thousands of women across the globe and, and myself included. And I just want to say thank you.

00:38:42  It is my pleasure. Thank you, Laura, for being you for shining your light for continuing to follow your purpose, passion, and mission. It is, it is making such a huge difference and I'm so honored to be your friend and your colleague, and to share in this amazing endeavor with you. So thank you. Thank you. And we'll see everybody on the next TranscenDance class by everyone.