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How To Sleep Your Weight Off

May 04, 2022 Laura London Season 2 Episode 2
Connected Body Podcast With Laura London
How To Sleep Your Weight Off
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How To Lose Weight While You Sleep

Hi everyone today we're talking about the importance of sleep. Sleep is so, so important for weight loss and most people don't realize how important sleep truly is. Most Americans are getting six hours or less of sleep every day. Your body can't function property properly on such little sleep, nor can it efficiently lose weight. 

Today I am sharing my tip tips and lots of great information to help you get more restful sleep. We are going to cover supplements, the "fountain of youth hormone" and how to benefit from it. The hormone that is wrecking havoc with your sleep and how to get it under control and so much more. 

Learn what to do and start to implement these strategies tonight so you wake up tomorrow like a new person. 

Night, night.

Laura Hope London

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I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Connected Body Podcast.

00:00:09 Hi everyone today. We're talking about the importance of sleep. OMG, sleep is so, so important for weight loss and people don't realize how important sleep truly is. Most Americans are getting six hours or less of sleep every day. Guys, your body can't function property properly on such little sleep. What happens at night when you sleep, when you get into that deep REM sleep that REM sleep your body

00:00:51 secretes a  hormone, the human growth hormone, and that keeps us young. It keeps us healthy. It regulates all our hormones. And if we're not getting enough sleep or not getting enough, a human growth hormone pumping through our body. Another thing is that we're in stress mode. If our body's not getting enough sleep, it's going to affect our thyroid. Our thyroid is one of the hormones that secrete cortisol and cortisol is the stress hormone.

00:01:27 And we know from listening to the video, that stress equals weight gain or weight stall. Your body's not going to let go of the weight. You're looking to let go. So I need you guys to really, really work on your healthy sleeping habits. Getting minimum seven to eight hours, eight hours is ideal. You're going to wake up like you're on top of the world.

00:01:54 And you know, I know there's nothing better than getting a good night's sleep. So what are some things that we can do to help get a better night's sleep? Number one is reducing the amount of caffeine we're drinking throughout the day. If you're going to have your cup of coffee, do it in the morning and really try not to have caffeinated beverages throughout the day.

00:02:20 If you want to drink some healthy teas, that's fine. But I would say cut it off from about two o'clock to three o'clock. And I know there's some people like my husband, he's like, oh, caffeine doesn't affect me. It does. You just don't feel it. Your body becomes desensitized to that caffeine, but literally inside your body's like,

00:02:42 it's shaking. It's shaking. You just don't feel it anymore. If you can go back and think to the first time you ever had like a cup of coffee and energy drink, even diet sodas or regular sodas, they have caffeine. They made you like generate after a while. They stopped doing that just because your body and yourself become accustomed to that.

00:03:04 Another thing we can do is shut down our electronic equipment at night, the electronic equipment emits this blue bright light, and it sent, tells our brain is a daytime stay awake. So really shutting off these things, putting them away at minimum an hour before bedtime, I have an app on my computer and actually dims the computer screen along with the sunset.

00:03:37 It's really cool. I believe you can download that for And I know my new iPhone actually came with that service, that it automatically dims that the light on the film, because at night we want soothing healing, red light, red light, think of a fire. It tells the body it's time to go to bed or a sunset. Sunset is a beautiful,

00:04:06 orange and red that's nature's way of telling us, Hey, it's time to slow down. It's time to go to bed and get that much needed rest. There are some other things that you can do taking a nice warm bath, putting in some lavender essential oil, putting a little bit of magnesium or Epsom salt. Either one of those, I like magnesium.

00:04:31 It's really good for the body, but you want to get it plain, not with sensitive because those will be artificial fragrances. Another product that I love is called calm C A L M. And that is something that you mix in with your water about an hour before bed and it's high in magnesium, and it helps the body to relax and get into that nice state for a deep night sleep.

00:05:01 So are you seeing how important sleep truly is? You can eat foods during the day that have healthy fats in them and healthy fats actually help the body to stay balanced and keep your hormones level. So it's easier to go to sleep. If you're having alcoholic beverages, a lot of people will notice if they're drinking that they wake up at about three o'clock in the morning,

00:05:30 this has ever happened to you. Well, that's the liver and the liver is working really, really hard to process the alcohol out of your body. And it's kind of just waking you up and putting you in this unbalanced state, where it's hard to get back to sleep or have that even, even sleep. So keep alcohol to a minimum, especially if you want to have a good night sleep.

00:05:56 Some people like take melatonin or tryptophan  that helps them sleep. But ideally you really want to just be able to fall asleep. Naturally, think of a little baby. They just go they're out. That's the way we should be sleeping. Another thing, and I have an article on this is your mattress, your pillows, what you're sleeping on,

00:06:23 the memory foam beds that are so popular now, and the pillows are super highly toxic. I'm sorry to tell you this. I know they're comfy, but you're sleeping on them and they're constantly emitting toxins and you're breathing them in. So if you can, when you can start transferring them out for organic cotton or organic, they have organic laytex, which is not  sprayed.

00:06:55 It's a natural latex. I have an organic mattress they're popping up all over the place. So as soon as you can just start to replace those things, they're also going to help you sleep better. And they're going to reduce the toxic load on your body and help to keep those hormones balanced. And when we have happy, healthy hormones, we sleep better.

00:07:19 It's easier for us to lose weight and life is just better in general. So now it's time for me to say good night and a few guys in the morning, bye-bye.